Thursday, July 16, 2020

First Photos of Duckworth and Howie

Tomorrow I am going to the SPCA to adopt these two three-month-old brothers, at the moment named Leon and Lenny.

I went to Pet Food Express just now to get a second litter box and some toys. The clerk was very helpful, and I felt very depressed after I talked to him. He pointed out the garish plastic litter boxes and the various little cheap plastic toys and an ugly piece of stuff you can put under your garish plastic litter box for pee and poop that ends up outside the litter box and various ugly pieces of plastic you can put treats in to stimulate your cats' minds.

It occurred to me that the last time I had been there, and the tens of times before that, I was picking out something to delight Hammett, and then I just burst into tears. I felt so sad, and also overwhelmed at all the stuff I need that I had not even thought of, and guilty: I have not even brought Duckworth and Howie, or whatever their names end up being, home yet, and already they are being deprived of a lot of important pieces of plastic.

Then I got a grip and reminded myself that all I really needed at that moment was a second litter box, and it did not have to be the perfect litter box. I also chose a couple of toys that I actually liked, and headed home.

When I pasted in their photos just now, I felt better. Aren’t they cute?

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