Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sacramento River Cruise

I'm big on the self-portrait, and I especially like this one, taken on a river cruise in Sacramento earlier today, because—LOOK!—there's a dude looking over my shoulder, who is actually Steve, which I could mainly tell because the eyepiece (earpiece?) of his sunglasses had broken just prior. I didn't realize that and thought they were some kind of newfangled sunglasses that were staying on his face through sheer willpower.

It was quite warm in Sacramento. I imagine it was 100 degrees, because right now, at nearly 9 p.m., it's still 94 degrees there. I had a very nice time indeed, but am not sorry to be back in the city air conditioned by God himself.

Now look at this: Is that a shadow? No! The water is two different colors! This is where the American River (clear, because it runs over rocks) and the Sacramento River (greener) meet. Isn't that cool?

(Yeah! I bought a camera of the digital variety, finally, and have felt a passionate love for it since I first laid eyes on it. It's very small! I like to tenderly wipe the smudges off its little silver face. I like its big square bright eye.)