Monday, July 28, 2014

A Suitable, Civilized Hobby

For a number of years, I’ve renewed Tom’s subscription to Air & Space magazine for his birthday. This year I told him I’ve finally seen the light—this periodical is a pernicious influence that adversely affects my sleep, referring here to the aviation videos he often watches online at night, in his apartment directly above mine.

Here are the dumbest two words I ever uttered in my life, several Christmases ago:

Tom’s brother: “Tom likes music. Let’s get him some super-powerful speakers for his laptop. Then it will double as a sound system.”

Me: “Great idea!”

This year, I told him I got him Crochet Today! instead, and that I’m looking forward to how nice and quiet it will be as he seeks to master the basics with the aid of his new subscription.

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