Friday, January 14, 2011


Hammett seeing if a box spring that has been taken out of commission and leaned against the wall is a good spot to rest.

San Francisco downtown as seen from my oral surgeon's office. At first I couldn't figure out what the shiny building at Post and Kearny was doing to the right of 44 Montgomery. And why could I see 525 Market? This even includes a bit of my very favorite building, the Millennium Tower.

Ants swimming (or maybe just kind of floating) in Ham's water bowl. Ants are good swimmers/floaters. (Of course I rescued them right after capturing this action shot.)

Hammett and his new house.

The cheerful view just before the even more cheerful view of Mehfil Indian restaurant at 2nd and Folsom.

Rainbow and B. of A. building. Actually, double rainbow if examined closely enough.

Chinatown lamp post.

This looked to me at first like some actual substance on the ground, but it's pure light.


I think it's always nice to finish with a cat picture, don't you?

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