Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm way behind when it comes to photos, so here are some. Starting with the most recent, this is me and K. in Sebastopol today, as you will see if you make the photo enormous and squint terribly.

This is Mac, Tom's mother's husband, at Tom's 50th birthday party. When Steve sent the invites, he asked us to RSVP so they'd know "how many kazoos and love beads to buy." The instruction at this party, as first uttered by Jim (pictured farther down), was to "Bead up!"

Steve (Tom's brother) and Ann (Tom's mother).

The birthday gentleman himself.

Jim, a friend of Tom's family. Jim is a runner, and at one party, we were discussing running shoes. "What are those shoes with the N on them?" he asked. I said I didn't know. Some while later, Jim pointed to the shoes I was wearing at that very moment, which had the telltale N on them: New Balance.

Exclusive photo of Howie!

Ocean Beach the day I walked there with my co-worker Emily.

Hammett's darling little arm.

I had to miss this trip to Lake Tahoe and so don't know who took this photo (likely Steve), but it's of Paul (another of Tom's brothers) and Chris (Paul's son).

Ann at home, with Sophia on her lap. Ann is an accomplished pianist.

Mac at home.


A stealthy self portrait.

A blatant self portrait. I don't know if Ann has recognized this as her bathroom. For some reason, every time I go in there, I feel like taking my own picture; I guess it's that vast expanse of mirror. (This was a few months ago; my hair disappeared again later.)

Tom in his "50" glasses and "Older is better" necklace. I wish he'd been able to cheer up a little.

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