Friday, April 09, 2010

Failure to De-Shoe Discountenanced (in All Realms)

I have resolved for the most part not to recount dreams here in detail, because it's generally pretty boring to hear about other people's dreams (unless they're about you), and also, they may afford more of a window into my psyche than I wish to supply.

Apropos of that, I once had a music teacher who told me that I needed to learn to play so that my thoughts and feelings came through my horn.

"But I don't WANT anyone to know my thoughts and feelings," I replied.

"Of course not," he said briskly. "No one does. You need to learn to play so that it SEEMS like your thoughts and feelings are coming through the horn."

So, few dreams to be read here, unless I absolutely can't resist, unless they have something to do with a coincidence, or unless they come true.

(I love this hobby! How many other hobbies can be done while lying in one's own bed, asleep?)

Herewith, a dream that came true, and practically right away. I dreamed this two nights ago:

I'm in my current apartment waiting for guests to arrive. [One of my sisters] arrives with another young woman. My sister is much younger. Her hair is almost straight and she has bangs. I hug her tightly, evidently too tightly, and she and the other woman head into my living room and then they turn right, as if going into the walk-in closet. They have their shoes on. I will have to tell them to de-shoe.

This evening, in waking life, a knock came on my door and a young woman with bangs and almost straight hair walked into my living room with her shoes on before I could ask her to de-shoe.

(It was my across-the-hall neighbor; we just had some locks changed and she was having trouble with her new keys.)

Isn't that kind of wild? I remembered my dream right away and because in the dream I felt I had hugged my sister too tightly, I made sure not to hover too closely over my neighbor while she made phone calls and such.

Speaking of dreams (do I speak of much else lately?) and neighbors, during the time when my grilling neighbor wasn't speaking to me, I had a series of congenial dreams about him and his wife. For instance, I dreamed that I told them, "I sent you a Christmas card," and in the dream, they replied, "Oh, we sent YOU a Christmas card."

It was comforting to have pleasant interactions with the grilling neighbor, even if they were only while I was asleep, and the feeling tended to carry over into waking lifewhen I saw him, I partly thought, "There's the guy who isn't speaking to me," but I also partly thought, "That nice man sent me a Christmas card!"

We're on cordial terms again now, thank goodness. We have mourning doves nesting outside our kitchen windows, and we have been chatting about that some. So my dream was correct in suggesting that there was still friendly feeling there, or that there would be.
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