Sunday, July 30, 2017

One Thing I Will Never, Ever Do

Things are moving very fast now. Anita and I have had our very last one-on-one meeting, because this coming week we will do joint visits for the last time, and the week after that, we will present our final self-evaluations, and on Thursday of that week, we will graduate! After that, there will be five weeks devoted to seeing patients, so we can practice being full-time chaplains for an extended period.

I’ve changed my procedures when rounding at the other campus. For most of this year, I have gone around to the five infant care nurseries and just said hello to the nurses. A few on-calls ago, a male nurse said to me, “Thank you! Visit some babies!” So I did that, and it was so nice that now I say, “I’m just saying hello and admiring babies,” and then I go into several rooms to peer at our littlest patients, most quietly sleeping, and wonder what they are dreaming inside their little baby heads.

Last week I presented my final verbatim of the year. Anita said she thinks I would be a good CPE supervisor. I told her I am never, ever, ever going to be a CPE supervisor: they work way too hard. But I did appreciate hearing that she thinks I could be a good teacher and leader. Another supervisor that I did joint visits with offered to write me a letter of recommendation, and it turned up just one day later, full of glowing compliments. Anita is also going to write me a letter, and when I bumped into yet another supervisor this past week, she said, “I’ll write you a letter of recommendation if you want.” So I am feeling very recommended, which is a nice feeling.
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